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With immediate effect the following procedures must be observed when dealing with children taken into police custody:

Child Development Agency (CDA) and the Office of the Children Advocate (OCA) must be informed as soon as a child is taken into police custody.

Children taken into police custody must be placed before the Court within forty eight (48) hours of being arrested. Where no appropriate Court is sitting within the specified time, members are reminded that they may take the child before a Resident Magistrate Chambers.

Children who are remanded in custody by the Court should immediately be transferred to Metcalfe Street Secure Juvenile Centre, Fort Augusta or any other facility specified by the Court. Members must also be reminded that the Department of Correctional Service (DCS) will not admit children unless they are so remanded by the Court.

Arrangements must be made to transport children to Court when so required.

The police do not have the authority to charge a child for the offence of 'Uncontrollable Child'.

Under no circumstances should children and adults be transported or placed in the same cell or holding area whether at the Court or police lock-ups.

The Child Development Agency (CDA) and the Office of the Children Advocate (OCA) and the Office of Children Registry (OCR) should be given weekly updates on children in police custody.

Commanding Officers must ensure that the provisions of this subhead are brought to the attention of members under their command by way of lecture.

As you know, each year the Force identifies targets for performance in key business areas for the following year. This takes place at different levels from the station level through the divisional level to setting national performance targets for the whole Force. This is in recognition of the fact that while there are some challenges facing the whole country, our communities are diverse and the issues which affect one area or community may not affect everyone else in other parts of Jamaica. We want to set policing priorities which match local problems and needs, as well as addressing national issues.
In order to wholly accomplish our purpose and mission, we must consult with and solicit the inputs of as many organizations as possible using many different methods, including face to face discussions, meetings and written communications.
While the Research, Planning and Legal Services Branch will drive the consultation process at the Force level it is important that Divisional Commanders consult widely within their geographic communities and communities of interest to ensure their policing plans, strategies and targets are informed by local knowledge and concerns.
To assist Divisional Commanders in the consultation process, the Research, Planning and Legal Services Branch has prepared some guidance which will be issued shortly, comprising:

Lists of potential consultees (at local and national levels)

Key Stakeholder Input Guide

Key Stakeholder Consultation Guide

Draft letter to stakeholders

The provisions of Force Orders No. 1740 Part I Sub. No. 2 dated 1980-10-09 dealing with Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges is hereby republished for general information.
'All ranks are aware that representatives of Foreign States who are afforded diplomatic status are not subject to the laws of the receiving State and hence are accorded inviolability of their residences and other personal property.
In an effort to have all diplomats properly identified, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has had identification booklets issued to all persons afforded diplomatic status and these booklets are countersigned by the Commissioner of Police.

I give below an extract from a letter of advice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to all Foreign Missions:

The advice which follows has been worked out with the security authorities, and I am asking you to ensure that this information is brought to the attention of all your staff.

In the first place, if any member of Mission Staff, or any member of such person's family is stopped by the Security Forces, he should immediately identify himself by means of the ID card provided by the ministry of Foreign Affairs to each such person. This means that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' identification card should be carried on the person at all times. Children under sixteen years have not been issued identification cards and will, therefore, be vouched for by the diplomat/parent.

Secondly, if any such person is carrying a firearm, the firearm permit issued by the Commissioner of Police must also be immediately produced. This means that firearm permits also must be carried at all times. Failure to produce this permit could result in temporary confiscation of the firearm.'

No member of the Diplomatic Corps, their staff or their servants should be prosecuted for any offence or any writ served on them, without reference to Police Headquarters, In addition, no member of the Force may enter upon the premises of a foreign mission without invitation.
I wish to make it clear that I do not intend to tolerate situations where this Department is embarrassed by members who disregard the facilities and courtesies which are accorded to members of the Diplomatic Corps, their staff or their servants.


A Passing Out Parade, Certificate and Awards Ceremony will be held for two hundred and two (202) student constables on Friday, October 26, 2012 commencing at 9:30 a.m. at the Jamaica Police Academy, Twickenham Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

The parade will be held in the presence of the Honourable Peter Bunting, Minister of National Security and Mr. Owen Ellington, CP, JP, Commissioner of Police.

Officers, Inspectors and other ranks of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Island Special Constabulary Force and Rural Police who are not on duty are invited to attend with their spouses.


In recent times, unsuspecting members of the public who have offered goods for sale have been killed or robbed by persons posing as customers. In order to prevent such crime, members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force must accommodate all requests from members of the public who seek the assistance of the Police when conducting transactions, buying or selling, of especially expensive items with persons unknown to them.

Persons carrying out such transactions are being encouraged to visit the nearest police station where police personnel on duty will document the identity of the purchasers, will record the identification marks of the item(s) on offer, such as serial numbers or in the case of motor vehicle - chassis and engine numbers.

Transactions can be carried out at police stations where standard buying and selling procedures, for example, presentation of valid identification will be observed. In the event where prospective buyers of motor vehicles wish to take a vehicle on test drives, the police will accompany if possible.


Every social network is a valuable source of intelligence or information. "Facebook" is the most popular used social network worldwide and all investigators should get in the habit of using this resource to assist in their investigation.

There are over 1 billion profiles of individuals and groups, 70,000 new users added each day and 350 million images, chats and pertinent data uploaded daily. With this type of intelligence and information at your fingertips most investigations in this day and age can be successful utilising technology.

What Investigators need to do:

In profiling a subject (complainant, victim, suspect) investigators MUST visit Facebook and or any other social network with a view of gathering possible intelligence or information.

It is a good practise for investigators to use wisdom and create a working social network account ONLY for the purpose of gathering intelligence or information.

The CFCU can provide in-depth technical assistance on social networks that will assist investigations.

Cyber-security tips

It is very important to monitor all personnel including adults and children what they communicate or place on social networks. Any inappropriate behaviour may expose security vulnerabilities and you may become a victim of a traditional or a cybercrime.

Organized Crime Investigation Division, 8-10 Ocean Boulevard. Tel. Nos. 9675948, 9223288, 9761389 Email


The Police Officers' Association Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 2012-10-18 commencing at 9:30am at Jewels (formerly Breezes, Runaway Bay, St. Ann).

All available officers are invited to attend.


Commanding Officers are hereby reminded of the need to manage the grant of vacation leave and departmental leave in the period leading up to and during the yuletide season.

Rule 4.16 of the Book of Rules is relevant and states:

'Departmental leave may not be granted to any member between the 20th December and the 6th day of January, except in exceptional circumstances.'

Steps are therefore to be taken to ensure the availability of an adequate number of personnel to treat with the exigencies associated with the period leading into the Christmas period.

Commanding Officers are also required to submit a report to Assistant Commissioner of Police, Administration in instances where members granted vacation leave or departmental leave up to December 19, report sick thereafter.

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