Hanover Division Recognises Outstanding Police Officers

“Any success we have enjoyed has come from the hard work of our field operatives supported by robust administration. For many years, you brave offices have been in all types of communities working hard to create a safer environment, enduring the challenges and even sometimes becoming casualties in the line of duty,” Superintendent Sharon Beeput Commanding Officer of the Hanover division, shared in her welcome to the Hanover Divisional Awards Ceremony and Dinner Saturday, March 30, at the Royalton Hotel in Hanover.

The ceremony paid homage to the dedication and discipline of past and present Police officers who served the Hanover Division and awarded several persons who went beyond expectations in the discharge of their responsibilities.

The sectional awards included: Most Traffic Tickets Issued for 2018, Execution of Warrants, Most Convictions for 2018 and Most Cases in the Division. Among the distinguished officers, were District Constable Anthony Grant who received an award for the Most Convictions-13 and Woman District Constable Simone Allen-Gray whose 24 cases was the most in the division.

Superintendent Beeput continued her speech of triumph to her division, “We have had many challenges, faced innumerable obstacles and overcome a myriad of adversaries. But are we at a point where we can relax or console ourselves?  “Absolutely not!” Throughout the evening the police officers were reminded that as law enforcement professionals, they are often confronted with the issues relating to widespread public disorder and what seems like the unending regularity of violent criminality. They were encouraged that despite these impediments their resolve should remain strong.

We are a Force for Good and will always honour our pledge to Serve, Protect and Reassure,” Superintendent Beeput ended the evening by re-enforcing the mantra of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

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