International Human Rights Day 2018 Statement from Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson

Today as we observe International Day on Human Rights under the theme “Stand up for Human Rights”, I take the opportunity to reiterate the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF) commitment to uphold the human rights and dignity of all persons with whom the Police come in contact.


The Jamaica Constabulary Force, as the principal agent of the State charged with the responsibility of enforcing the laws in Jamaica,has as a key objective, the preservation of the rights of everyone. This obligation is framed within the context of our constitution, legislation and the several conventions and treaties on human rights, to which Jamaica is signatory.


Being cognisant of the importance to safeguard and guaranteethese rights, the JCF through its various policies and standard operating procedures, must ensure that all encounters with the Police are respectful, professional and inspire confidence.Sensitization and training on human rightsforms a mandatory component of all training modules, ranging from basic to strategic management trainings.


In our environment where law and order are sometimes undermined, and where the calls for justice in instances of heinous crimes grow more earnest, we must be mindful that our legitimacy is often hinged to our duty to uphold the rights of all whom we serve. This includes not only the vulnerable and victims who we protect but also the perpetrators whom we pursue and hold in our custody. Whilst being unrelenting in our efforts to track down and bring to justice criminal suspects that create mayhem in our society, we must protect the fundamental rights of each accused person.


As we maintain our uncompromising stance to safeguard human rights, we will continue to embark on programmes to strengthen this area including a project with the United Nations to provide all our members with handbooks on human rights. Today, we recognize our commitment to that focus and stand in unity with citizens of Jamaica and the world in protecting the human rights of all.

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