Prisoners Re-captured from Cross Roads Lock Up

The Police is lauding its members and community members who through partnership recaptured all four men who escaped the Cross Roads Lock-ups by cutting through a metal grille on Wednesday, June 20.

They are:
1. 19-year-old Eustace Powell of Lincoln Road, Kingston 5; he was charged with rape and buggery,
2. 29-year-old Sanjay Burton, otherwise called ‘Christopher Peart’ or ‘Michael’, of Tavern Avenue, Kingston 6 who was in custody on fraud-related offences,
3. 21-year-old Rohan Brown who was charged with robbery, and
4. 23-year-old Richard Walker who was charged with rape and buggery

Brown was recaptured on Olympic Way and Walker recaptured on Diamond Road, both in Kingston 11 on the night of June 20. Powell was held on Orange Street in Kingston on Monday, June 25, while Burton was handed over to the Kingston Central Police by a Justice of the Peace on Monday, July 02.

Powell, Brown and Walker have since been charged with Escaping Custody.

The continued partnership by the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s members and community members led to the recapture of all four men. We implore you to continue working with us as we improve our communities, ridding them of criminals and their activities.

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