Police Youth Clubs

The Police Youth Club movement is the conduit through which the JCF moulds and provides a positive influence on the young people of this country. As a direct result of this mandate, Police Youth Clubs have been instrumental in developing programmes to meet the ever changing and challenging needs of young people - guiding and steering them in the direction of being worthwhile and productive citizens of Jamaica.


In the 1950’s when an Acting Corporal stationed at the Sandy Bay Police Station in Hanover went outside the ambit of regular policing and settled a family dispute by way of mediation, no one had an inkling that this initiative would lead to the formation of Jamaica’s first Police Youth Club.

Today, there are over 400 Police Youth Clubs located in the 19 Police Geographic Divisions. This growth is a clear indication of the importance the JCF places in developing strong and robust police-citizen relationship especially with our young people.

Youth Clubs have over the years successfully identified and developed the leadership skills and competencies of our young people. Police Youth Clubs are engaged in other aspects of community life, such as caring for the elderly, adopting and developing basic schools, hosting and engaging in sporting activities and harnessing the entrepreneurial skills of its members by promoting the benefits of efficiently managing small or micro business enterprises.

They also contribute in developing administrative skills, etiquette and other value systems. The Police Youth Club has a very heavy focus on the development of self-esteem, self-actualization and other aspects of personal skills thereby enhancing the process of problem solving and interpersonal and social relationships.

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