The Jamaica Constabulary Force offers a toll free hotline that guarantees anonymity to callers with information about corrupt actions of police and customs officials.

The number - 1-800-CORRUPT (1-800-267-7878) - will be answered outside Jamaica at a Crime Stoppers International Call Centre, a feature the police hope will give the public, and members of the JCF and Customs confidence to tell what they know.

People who have been coached in Jamaican Creole will answer the calls.

Crime Stop

Crime Stop is a partnership involving the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the citizens of Jamaica and the media. The main aim of this partnership is to assist the Police in fighting crime in Jamaica.


Crime Stop was launched in September, 1989, under the direction of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ).

Community Safety Fund

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) with the support of UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Ministry of National Security (MNS) has established a Community Safety Fund (CSF) that will enhance and increase collaboration in relation to JCF and citizen responsiveness to local crime and insecurity issues. 

The Fund compliments the existing GoJ efforts to enhance civil society participation in reducing crime and violence and promote community safety at the local and community levels.

Safe School Programme


The Safe Schools Programme is a special programme developed to assist schools in managing violence, antisocial behaviour, truancy, children at risk and generally to keep the school environment safe. The programme will be monitored under the theme “Safe Schools…Everybody’s Business”.

Police Youth Clubs

The Police Youth Club movement is the conduit through which the JCF moulds and provides a positive influence on the young people of this country. As a direct result of this mandate, Police Youth Clubs have been instrumental in developing programmes to meet the ever changing and challenging needs of young people - guiding and steering them in the direction of being worthwhile and productive citizens of Jamaica.

Community Policing

The traditional style of policing used in Jamaica and many other countries for many years is not suitable to deliver modern policing and community safety services. The demands of our modern age requires that the police act in partnership with the public and with other public, private and voluntary sector organisations to deliver collaborative services that address crime, fear of crime and other safety issues which concern communities. Community policing is central to the concept of community safety.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch programme unites citizens in a community to protect themselves and their property, by reducing the risk of crime. It was launched in Jamaica in 1987. Neighbourhood Watch signs are strategically placed at the entrance(s) to the communities, as public declarations by the residents that they are alert, crime-conscious and united against crime.

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