Crime Stop

Crime Stop is a partnership involving the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the citizens of Jamaica and the media. The main aim of this partnership is to assist the Police in fighting crime in Jamaica.


Crime Stop was launched in September, 1989, under the direction of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ).


Crime Stop is administered by the Board of Directors of the Crime Prevention Fund which consists of nine members including a representative from the Police, and the media and two representatives from the PSOJ. There are also two representatives on the nine-member board who represents the interests of the public. The Board oversees the Crime Stop programme and a civilian co-ordinator administers the day-to-day- administration of Crime Stop.


The Crime Stop office is located on the compound of the Offices of the Commissioner of Police – 101-105 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6. The Crime Stop Office is open twenty four hours (24) a day, seven (7) days a week.


Information is received from members of the public by way of the telephone, letters, emails, or in some occasions, by visiting the office. Callers are given complete anonymity and do not have to give their names. Callers are given their own code number that is used in any further communication.

All information received by Crime Stop is disseminated to the relevant persons for processing and investigation. Crime Stop then receives feedback on all information disseminated for action. This process of feedback is of the utmost importance to Crime Stop as the programmes can only be assessed and measured on its achievements.


Crime Stop offers is a reward based programme. It is important to note that Crime Stop only gives rewards for successes made using Crime Stop information.


Each month an unsolved crime is selected for highlighting on television, radio and in the print media. The criteria for choosing a file as the Crime of the Month are:

  1. The file must be over six (6) months old and deemed unsolved by the investigating officer.
  2. The file must be approved for use by the family of the victim(s).
  3. A copy of the file along with Scene of Crime Photos and a photo of the victim (where possible) are needed by the Crime Stop office.
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